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Gardening In Late Summer and Fall

Depending on where you live, the idea of planting anything new in July or August is unheard of, a waste of materials and resources. Some may even call it taboo! There are various reasons given but when you really think about it and ask yourself, “Why not?” you may realize that not many people have a very good reason. Sure, in some climates late summer is so hot that sprouts would just wither and die off but you can overcome …

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Vegetable Gardening: How to Grow What You Eat

When spring fever hits, it is easy to want to plant everything you can think of in your garden, as soon as you are able to work the soil. If you are a new gardener, it is common to make this same mistake. Planning out your garden by season, as well as by what you actually eat, will make your life so much easier. I can help you evaluate your current gardening skills and resources with my quick Gardening Self-Assessment! …

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It’s June! Mid to Late Summer Vegetable Gardening

Even the most avid gardeners have a bad year! Any number of things can keep you out of the garden in April and May, weather problems, work commitments, family problems . . . we’ve all been there. But don’t give up on your summer vegetable garden just yet. There are still plenty of yummy veggies you can get planted now (in mid to late June) and get a nice harvest before the summer ends. Let’s talk about what you can …

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Household Items That Can Be Used as Organic Fertilizer

This is a guide to common materials that can be used as plant food for your garden. This plant food is organic and will help your garden grow. Fertilizers made with synthetic chemicals have a lot of negative side effects- they mess with the ecosystem of the soil, they are harmful to people and pets, and they are damaging to the environment. Fertilizing your garden organically is a good move, and this article will help you learn to do that. …

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Diatomaceous Earth for Controlling Pests

What is diatomaceous earth? (DE) A multitude of Americans is becoming more and more aware of the chemicals and other potentially dangerous ingredients in the food we eat, in our household cleaners and in the products we use to maintain our gardens and control pests. We’re trying to eliminate these products from our lives with more natural, less toxic products. That’s where diatomaceous earth (DE) comes in. It’s non-toxic and all-natural, made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, an ancient …

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27 More Tips From a Master Gardener

The master gardening program is a volunteer program that teaches and trains individuals the art and science of gardening. In exchange for this inexpensive training, they promise to offer service and share their gardening knowledge with others. Several years ago I attended a class by a knowledgeable master gardener. My teacher clearly had a love for all things gardening, and helped me assess my own garden to figure out why it wasn’t the garden of my dreams. You can get …

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7 Things To Do Right Now To Get Ready For a Fabulous Summer Garden

Hold on to your hat! Spring and its warmer cousin, summer, are just around the corner. Yes, even if you’re looking out the window at piles of crystalline, white snow — believe! One day soon, the days will lengthen and your summer garden will become just as real as those freezing temperatures! If you haven’t yet taken my Gardening Self-Assessment, now is the perfect time to do that. By answering just 11 questions, you’ll have the basics for a plan …

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Planning an Edible Landscape

  Make the most out of your yard by creating an edible landscape. Every March, I am consumed with spring fever and can barely wait to get outdoors and turn my winter laden yard into a fairy tale garden. This year, I decided to start the long but productive process of turning my small yard into a food producing, perennial palace. Annuals are great, but by choosing perennials, I can build my edible yard little by little each year instead …

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Last-Chance Apocalypse Shopping: Garden Centers

You could do a whole lot worse on the verge of the apocalypse than doing some last minute shopping at a local garden store. Whether it’s a mom and pop garden center or one at a Home Depot or Lowe’s, you’ll find a pretty impressive array of products that will go a long way toward helping you survive. With zombies on the loose and the world as you once knew it collapsing around you, it’s a pretty sure thing that …

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Gear Up for Gardening Season

Over the years, I have to admit, we have spent more money on gardening than we have ever reaped in an actual harvest. We don’t try to be spendy, trust me, but starting a garden from the dirt up can get expensive and buying high-quality garden gear and tools for women is one of my priorities. The actual tools I’ve used for gardening have ended up being the least expensive because I tracked down the best quality I could afford, …

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