image: two raised bed summer gardens, one with low-growing leafy greens and a second with vegetables climbing a trellis

7 Things To Do Right Now To Get Ready For a Fabulous Summer Garden

Hold on to your hat! Spring and its warmer cousin, summer, are just around the corner. Yes, even if you’re looking out the window at piles of crystalline, white snow — believe! One day soon, the days will lengthen and your summer garden will become just as real as those freezing temperatures! Here are seven things you can do right now to get ready for your most fabulous summer garden yet!

image: blue trowel placing organic fertilizer around tomato plants

Easily Available Household Items That Make Good Organic Fertilizer

Plant food plays an essential role in prepping your garden beds for winter or gearing up for spring planting. Of course, fertilizing your garden is a good move, but those made from synthetic chemicals have many adverse side effects. Fortunately, many common household materials are also helpful as organic fertilizer.

image: raised bed garden with medicinal herbs for preppers growing in them

Medicinal Herb Gardening for Preppers: An Easy Guide to Getting Started

An herb garden is one of the easiest and most rewarding types of gardens you can grow. For prepping purposes, herbs provide not only a way to flavor our food but also a way to maintain our health and treat some of our illnesses. While medicinal herb gardening for preppers takes some planning, it’s also very rewarding.

image: purple plum tree with green leaves espaliered on a red brick wall

How To Plan An Edible Landscape To Grow Even More Food

Your backyard can become so much more than just a patch of grass and a few tomato plants! This year, make the most out of your yard by planning an edible landscape. Every March, I am consumed with spring fever. I can barely wait to get outdoors and turn my dull and dreary yard into a fairy tale garden, lush with edible plants galore. A couple of years ago, I decided to start the long but productive process of turning my small …

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snow covered cabbage, prepare for your spring garden when it's still winter

How to Prepare for Your Spring Garden in the Dead of Winter

It can be hard to think about your spring garden when it’s below freezing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Cold weather is the perfect time for planning. It’s also the perfect time to assess challenges you ran into last growing season, learn more about what works best in your growing zone, and come up with a plan so next season’s garden is your best ever. Take my Gardening Self-Assessment to get started and then read on. Perhaps you’re …

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image: close up of carrots

Gardening In Late Summer and Fall

Depending on where you live, the idea of planting anything new in July or August is unheard of, a waste of materials and resources. Some may even call it taboo! There are various reasons given but when you really think about it and ask yourself, “Why not?” you may realize that not many people have a very good reason. Sure, in some climates late summer is so hot that sprouts would just wither and die off but you can overcome …

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It’s June! Mid to Late Summer Vegetable Gardening

Even the most avid gardeners have a bad year! Any number of things can keep you out of the garden in April and May, weather problems, work commitments, family problems . . . we’ve all been there. But don’t give up on your summer vegetable garden just yet. There are still plenty of yummy veggies you can get planted now (in mid to late June) and get a nice harvest before the summer ends. Let’s talk about what you can …

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tips from a master gardener

27 More Tips From a Master Gardener

The master gardening program is a volunteer program that teaches and trains individuals the art and science of gardening. In exchange for this inexpensive training, they promise to offer service and share their gardening knowledge with others. Several years ago I attended a class by a knowledgeable master gardener. My teacher clearly had a love for all things gardening, and helped me assess my own garden to figure out why it wasn’t the garden of my dreams. You can get …

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Last-Chance Apocalypse Shopping: Garden Centers

You could do a whole lot worse on the verge of the apocalypse than doing some last minute shopping at a local garden store. Whether it’s a mom and pop garden center or one at a Home Depot or Lowe’s, you’ll find a pretty impressive array of products that will go a long way toward helping you survive. With zombies on the loose and the world as you once knew it collapsing around you, it’s a pretty sure thing that …

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Learn From My Many Gardening Mistakes

Learn from My Many Gardening Mistakes

  Gardening is one of the top prepper skills needed for survival. Learning how to grow your own food is not something you want to do after a disaster has happened. I can speak from experience when I say there is a lot to learn and you will make a lot of gardening mistakes. It’s far better to make these mistakes now when your world is pretty stable than when you’re just trying to survive day by day following a …

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