Recommended SHTF Coffee Supplies

Brewing a great cup of coffee can happen anywhere, even during a power outage or the zombie apocalypse. These supplies are handy for any time but especially when the power goes out and you just gotta have that caffeine!

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Roasting Coffee

Whole green coffee beans

Cast Iron skillet

Rocket stove

Stovetop coffee roaster or this one (it’s cheaper)

Coffee roaster drum (for a grill!)

Grinding Coffee

Mortar and pestle

Manual coffee grinder

Basic Equipment

Coffee scoop

Metric measuring cups

Non-electric scale

Stovetop kettle

Brewing Coffee

Reusable cloth coffee filters

Reusable stainless steel coffee filter

Chemex coffee pot  (pour-over coffee maker)

Aeropress manual espresso maker

Stovetop percolator

CoffeeGator French Press

Storing Coffee

Vacuum Sealer

Canning jars

Oxygen absorbers (Not sure how to use these? Click here for instructions.)