DO IT NOW 2020 Challenge video replays


Day 1, Friday, January 24

Get started on improving your survival fitness level with today’s Action Step. Here are the complete instructions.


Day 2, Saturday, January 25

Learn about rapid-onset disasters and how to prepare for them at home. Also learn about survival breathing and how it can help calm your nerves and center your focus in an emergency.

Link to printables is here.


Day 3, Sunday, January 26

Learn how to equip your home for a shelter-in-place scenario. Printables are at this link.


Day 4, January 27

Today’s theme continues with the home — establishing one that is peaceful, organized, has household routines, and frees your time and mind from clutter. Get the printable worksheet here to create your own morning and evening routines.


Day 5, January 28

On our final day of the challenge, we’re circling back to Day 1 when your Action Step was to do a backpack walk — walk for 30 minutes wearing your backpack. In today’s lesson we’ll discuss how to find the correct weight for that pack that doesn’t overburden your body and possibly cause injuries. Here’s the link to the worksheet for this final step.