Valerie Whittle

Valerie Whittle has been an attorney, a homeschool mom, and a prepper. I leave it you to decide which she enjoyed the most.

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Which Food Storage App is Best?

I ask you, is there a more satisfying feeling for a prepper mom than adding items to your emergency supplies? Every time you check something off your list and squirrel it away, you feel more confident that you’re preparing your family for the unknown. The problem is a stockpile needs organization and maintenance or it becomes more frustrating than helpful. So I decided to test out some of the food storage apps to see if any of them could help …

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Hyperinflation: Cause for Concern or Food for Fiction?

Do you ever feel like “enough is enough” when it comes to bad news in the headlines? That’s how I’m feeling after more than a year of covid-19 news and watching more violent protests than I ever care to see again. Now, with news of more trillion-dollar government spending, it seems inevitable that talk of economic collapse and hyperinflation prepping will once again take center stage in social media and in news sources. What Is Hyperinflation? Hyperinflation is the term …

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