It’s tiiiiime!!!! Start those seeds indoors with toilet paper rolls!

image by Dharmuti

I love this idea from the GardenGirl, whose videos you can find on YouTube.  Start saving toilet paper tubes, get some potting soil or use what she uses, coco fibers.  Toilet paper rolls are probably the cheapest potting pots I’ve ever heard of.

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  1. Linda says

    This is great! During the winter, I fill up toilet paper rolls with dryer lint and use them to start the fires in my fireplace and wood cookstove. Now I have a warm-weather use for them, too! yea!!!!!

  2. says

    Never thought of the toliet paper rolls for planting seeds. Wow that would really work. I will pass on a tip that I use. Instead of throwing away your eggshells, keep them along with your egg cartons, place the egg shell halves in the egg holders, fill with potting soil and plant your seeds. When they are big enough to transplant you can use the whole thing, eggshell and all. This adds minerals to the soil and cuts down on the trama of transplanting the little seedlings.

    • caringincbus says

      I have used this tip before, so a word of caution from my experience. I have found that some plants can not get their roots through the shell well enough. So as I plant them, I also crack the bottom to give way for the roots to get in to the garden soil better. I don't bother removing the shell, just crack the bottom. In side by side comparisons, the cracked shells grew faster, and produced a little sooner.

  3. ann says

    I started mine 4 weeks ago and they are doing great! I cut the t.p. tubes in half and tucked snuggly in leftover plastic trays and lids from random food packages.

  4. Graywolf says

    Cooks and other seed Co.s have pot makers that use news paper to make pots. I started useing it this year, works great. I use 2 thicknesses. I tried 3 but felt they were too stiff. Hint, fold in where the loose end of the paoer will be locked in as the bottom is crimped. I use the toilet paper rolls to protect the plants from cutworms.

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