Action Step: Take a first aid/CPR class

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Last month our whole family took a First Aid/CPR class.  We practiced bandaging wounds, placing a “victim” in the recovery position, and using an epi-pen.  We also got lots and lots of CPR practice on both an adult size dummy and an infant dummy.  It held our attention for four hours, even that of my 9 year-old son.

I hadn’t taken a First Aid class in many years and was surprised by how much has changed.  I also felt newly empowered with the hands-on practice, new information, and the knowledge that my kids and husband were trained as well.

This week, track down a First Aid/CPR class in your area.  Or, if you’ve recently taken one, find out where you can take a Wilderness First Aid class or enroll in a beginning EMT class.   You don’t have to be a clueless bystander when there’s an injury, accident, or sudden illness.  These classes won’t magically turn you into a doctor, but you can take measures to help out until one arrives or the victim can be transported to a hospital.

After our family class, I decided I would test my kids to see how they would react to an emergency situation.  It was eye-opening.  I set about making the kitchen appear to be unsafe, with a red hot stove burner, a couple of sharp knives on the floor and the kitchen faucet running full blast.  I then laid on the floor and gave a loud scream and then “passed out.”  The kids were ready for their drill, but they weren’t quite ready to see mom on the floor.

Interestingly, it was my son who immediately went to work turning off the hot burner, picking up the knives and turning off the faucet.  They had learned the rule of checking to make sure the area is safe before entering.  He then proceeded to nudge me to see if I was awake, and then turned me on my side in the recovery position.  My daughter, well, she’s going on 13 and thought the whole thing was silly, but when I praised my son for his quick actions, she was a little perturbed that she hadn’t joined in.  Maybe next time.

Being a Survival Mom is all about being empowered, and I promise you that any class in first aid, first responder skills, and the like will do just that.

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  1. LizLong says

    I am actually going to try to get our Scout group to do training. While the kids are busy with a longer class / activity, I am hoping to get a whole group of parents trained in CPR. I think a lot of people want to learn, but it needs to be beyond-easy for them to do. Having it while their kids are learning something like bike safety (and they can't leave, but aren't really involved) seems like a good opportunity to me. now to see how it works out in reality…..

    I'm going to see if our local volunteer fire department can help with training.

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