VIDEO: How to be a prepper

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From where I sit it’s kind of hard to tell what the general public thinks of preppers. All of the preppers I know are smart, kind, and completely sane, but I have to admit that Doomsday Preppers does a pretty good job of making us look crazy.

Just in case you’ve been thinking that maybe preppers aren’t the crazy ones, I made this video based on a webinar class I used to teach, “How to be a prepper.”

Main points:

  • What is a prepper?
  • Are preppers the same as survivalists?
  • What are the first steps for being prepared?
  • What should I prepare for first?
  • The importance of maintaining balance and sanity
  • How NOT to be a prepper

3 thoughts on “VIDEO: How to be a prepper”

  1. @survivalmom this is a fantastic intro into prepping as well as reassurance that we aren’t being crazy! thank you!

  2. I appreciate your sensible approach and attitude. MANY people flip out when they start thinking about preparedness. It is overwhelming and most people feel fine with bottled water and some canned foods at home. Clearly, that is better than nothing, but there are other steps that are inexpensive or free and VERY beneficial.

    There really needs to be some locally taught classes on prepping, not FEMA-sponsored training, but realistic, local folks who are doing some level of prepping.

    I’ve long wanted to put together such classes for my neighbors, town, etc. and share ideas, etc.

    Also, the A.N.T.S. group is an interesting concept. A.N.T.S. stands for Americans Networking To Survive. Recently, with the F5 tornado in Moore, OK, their folks worked hard to locate one of their members that was right in the strike zone of the tornado. I was impressed. Thankfully, that person was safe, just unable to communicate for several days after the tornado.

    Furthermore, planning for only the worst, biggest, scariest things will leave you exposed to so many smaller, local impacting events that all that expensive, crazy prepping will be a waste. Shoot, having fire extinguishers in each room of a house is being prepared! Having GOOD flashlights in every room, nightstand, etc. is being prepared too. I always tell people to start really, REALLY small. Get comfortable with the basics – the simple stuff.

    Anyway, thanks for the video and rational approach to becoming more prepared.

  3. Yard sales are a great way to acquire equipment cheap.

    I got a Grundig FR-200 hand crank radio for $2 without the power supply. I also think the guy who was selling was too manly to be hand cranking a radio from the convo we had. At the time they were selling for $80 on Amazon. Just checked!! Still $100 for a new one!!!!

    Another time I got these spools of Velcro for $2 each. Four spools, two set of both sides. One set is 1″ wide the other 2″ wide. I estimate 75 feet on them left. I can use them for bug out bags. Adding ammo or a flashlight to a shot gun. The possibilities are endless. I am set for a years.

    I chat also when yard sale hopping. Plenty of interesting people. I have one contact that is more than happy to dump wire hangers on me every couple months. I use them for all kinds of projects.

    Keep on prepping!

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