VIDEO Book Review: Collision Course by David Crawford

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Lights Out is one of the most popular and most beloved prepper novels available. I enjoyed the story of a ragtag community banding together to fight off the bad guys, thrive, and survive in a world devastated by an EMP.

collision courseAuthor David Crawford, I’m sure, enjoyed the success of this first book but then wanted to try something different. Really different.

Collision Course is also a prepper novel and also tells the story of individuals coming to grips with their new reality and then doing whatever it takes to survive. However, the two books couldn’t be more different.

While Lights Out was a story of champions, ingenuity, and community, Collision Course tells the story of 2 very different men, DJ and Gabe, whose paths are destined to cross.

DJ is a prepper/survivalist who has thought of everything from multiple routes to his bug out location to equipping his customized Polaris. Gabe has been in an alcohol induced stupor for so many years that he’s no longer aware of much else beyond the location of his next bottle. He has no idea that the world around him is collapsing.

As the story begins, DJ loads his Polaris and begins a journey that will lead him to his safe retreat where he’ll join a group of other preppers and the first part of the book follows DJ on this journey.

On the other hand, we learn that Gabe is filled with self-hatred and is abusive to anyone who must cross his path. We don’t expect much from Gabe, and for a time, we expect him to be the villain and DJ the hero.

Life doesn’t always pan out as planned however, and that’s one of the messages of this book. As DJ treks along and Gabe manages to connect with a handful of his neighbors, there are some surprising twists.

Some preppers may not like what they see as DJ’s true character begins to emerge. After all, he’s the quintessential Mr. Prepper that many will identify with.

Collision Course isn’t a cheery book with a feel-good ending, but as the author told me, “This book is more realistic.” I also found it to be very well-written with a gritty storyline.

I recommend Collision Course with the warning that you may not like the story by the time DJ and Gabe collide. I explain a bit more in this video review.

2 thoughts on “VIDEO Book Review: Collision Course by David Crawford”

  1. Jimmotheviking

    I found this book to be a pretty good read, but I think Crawford’s book ‘Lights Out’ was much better. I like to also highly recommend two other authors. Mathew Bracken, who wrote a 3-book series, beginning with ‘Enemies, Foreign and Domestic’. Bracken is an excellent writer and really knows how to keep the reader turning those pages! His books are very diificult to put down. And another author, Glen Tate, who wrote the ‘299 Days’ series, has also produced a great story that progresses through 10 books. I just completed the 5th volume and can’t wait to get started on #6!!

  2. I loved ‘Lights Out’ and started reading Crawford’s other book when it was online. (it had a different name then – ‘Lost and Found’). Very interesting story line – good guy/bad guy kinda trade places. Looking forward to finishing it and finding out how it ends. I also HIGHLY recommend the Glen Tate books – full of normal people, trying to prepare, and taking care of their families and building a community.

    Thanks for your site, Lisa…I check it every day.

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