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Boost Your Canning Skills

It wasn’t too long ago that canning was a quaint skill relegated to the hot, humid kitchens of Grandma and Great Aunt Pauline. Somewhere in the past  few years, though, that has changed in a big way. Canning is now a hot, hot trend, in large part as a backlash to the widespread rejection of the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet) and a return to whole, healthier foods. Millions of Americans want to know exactly how their food is produced and packaged, …

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saving seeds

27 Important Things You Should Know About Saving Seeds

Saving seeds is both a science and an art. Here are 27 things I’ve learned about seed saving over the years. 1.  Saving seeds helps preserve the genetic material of the plant varieties we have. Within the last 100 years, we’ve lost over half of the varieties we used to have. 2.  Saving seeds will give you crops that are better adapted to your specific environment. You’ll be collecting seeds from the plants/varieties that thrived. It gives you a lot …

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Top 10 Foods for Stocking Up

To get started with the basic building blocks of food storage, these are the top 10 foods I recommend. If these aren’t a good fit for your family, for whatever reason, stock up on the alternatives that you’re currently using. Be very aware of the enemies of food storage and always try to store your food in the most optimal conditions possible. Wheat  Once ground, wheat is the building block for varieties of bread, tortillas, flat bread, pizza crust and …

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