Tornado Survival: No Shelter, No Basement, No Problem

For an entire week leading up to the April 2011 storms and tornados that devastated parts of my town and Northern Alabama in general, the local weather forecasters gave us warnings. Suddenly, tornado survival became a hot topic in our household and we discussed the safest place to be during a tornado if you don’t have a basement. We were told to be ready for tornado survival because they saw the emerging weather pattern as it traveled across the country …

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50 Emergency Uses for a Phone Camera

In an emergency you’ll need to provide and receive help, and after it’s over, you’ll have to return, repair, and rebuild. Central to this is communication and documentation. Our society loves red tape, especially after disasters. Below are 50 ways a phone camera can be used in an emergency to document, record, and relay important information. Any camera could be used for some of these things, but the phone camera carries a distinct advantage. It can immediately transmit your pictures. If you …

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Can You Turn Hysterics into Song?

How to calm children in a crisis

Emergency situations can be difficult for anyone to face, but it can be especially hard for a child. It’s so important to know how to calm children in a crisis. Picture this situation: Fifteen children under the age of 10 and about 8 adults are crowded in a bathroom as a storm rages around the building. The children heard the word “tornado” and are scared. The crying and shaking start. “Are we going to die?” “What about Daddy?” “Where is …

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Create a Babysitter Folder

Create a Babysitter Folder

You have concert tickets, the babysitter is on her way and your county just got put under a tornado watch (conditions are favorable for tornadoes) – what do you do? No judgment – we went to the concert. We felt comfortable because we had prepared our babysitter for what to do if the county went under a tornado warning. Here’s what I had prepared for her, and you can do this, too. Prepare a Babysitter Folder Any kind of emergency …

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5 Steps for Making a Personalized Threat Analysis

Whether you are just beginning with your preparedness or are a seasoned prepper, we have all experienced how overwhelming it is to plan for all the different possible events. Preparedness books and the internet can be a great tool for discovery and information, but it can also be a distraction. One of these distractions is the amount of information available and, along with that, the need one feels to be prepared for every possible disaster or disaster that might occur. …

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