image: dad and son building prepper gifts for dads birdhouse together

Great Gifts for Dad and Other Prepper Minded Men in Your Life

If you are at a loss as to what to get the men in your life, this list may prove to be a lifesaver, especially since so many of the gifts are available at the last minute. Whether its birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, anniversary, or a just-because gift, this list gives you plenty of options for the prepper-minded men in your life! (You don’t even have to wait till the last minute!)

image: woman wearing red gloves digging in garden with trowel

What Basic Gardening Gear Do You Need for a Great Garden Season?

Over the years, I have to admit, we have spent more money on gardening than we have ever reaped in an actual harvest. We don’t try to be spendy, trust me, but starting a garden from the dirt up can get expensive, and buying the best gardening gear for women is one of my priorities.┬áThe actual tools I’ve used for gardening have ended up being the least expensive because I tracked down the best quality I could afford, and those tools and gear have lasted for years. Here are the essentials you need for every garden season.

image: woman sitting on rocks warming herself by fire she made using wilderness survival gear

7 Essential Pieces of Wilderness Survival Gear to Carry on Every Trip

Time and again, we see news stories involving people who became lost in the woods during a routine hike or camping trip without having any essential wilderness survival gear on their person. It happens all the time and, unfortunately, sometimes these stories have a very tragic ending. That’s very easy to do if you’re not intimately familiar with the area. In most stories, if the person had taken just a few small items of wilderness survival gear with them, the tragedy could have been merely an interesting anecdote at family gatherings for years to come instead. These 7 basic pieces of gear, that easily fit in pockets or a small pack, make all the difference between tragedy & survival.