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How to Use the LDS Food Storage Calculator

If you haven’t discovered the online LDS Food Storage Calculator, you might want to check it out here.  Plug in the number of people in your family, and you’ll find out how much dried milk, oats, brown sugar, and other staples you’ll need for a one year supply. When you add your family’s data, you end up with some pretty serious numbers. Let’s be honest.  You’re probably thinking, “What the heck am I going to do with 600 pounds of …

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summer survival

A Four-Seasons Emergency Plan: Summer Survival

Not long ago I was feeling pretty good about my food storage and other preps, perhaps even a bit smug, until someone asked, “Are you stocked up on potassium iodide tablets?” “What??” was my incredulous response. After some research, I discovered a significant gap in all my survival preparation. I had not considered how my family would survive a nuclear blast. How foolish of me to overlook that contingency! The truth is that it’s impossible to prepare for every possible scenario. …

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10 Non-Edibles for Your Emergency Stash

While not exactly edible, stocking up on these ten items will make everyday life more comfortable, whatever your emergency. Deodorant/anti-perspirant Picture this.  You’ve been in your bunker for three weeks.  Sponge baths are a rare treat.  Then you remember your stash of Secret anti-perspirant.  Ahhhh….. instant morale booster, especially if shared. Feminine products   Periods don’t stop for something trivial like a nuclear war.  A six month’s stash of tampons, especially o.b., won’t take up much room, and will greatly …

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72 hour kits

Three Layers of 72 Hour Preparedness

The first 72 hours following any disaster are the most critical, but it’s also during those intial hours that emergency services and personnel are stretched to the limit. With a system of carefully planned 72 Hour Kits, your family can be self-sufficient until help arrives. A 72 Hour Kit is one of those handy-dandy, all-in-one grab bags that, theoretically, could keep you and your family in good shape during a three day emergency.  How well they do their job depends on …

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50 Emergency Uses for a Phone Camera

In an emergency you’ll need to provide and receive help, and after it’s over, you’ll have to return, repair, and rebuild. Central to this is communication and documentation. Our society loves red tape, especially after disasters. Below are 50 ways a phone camera can be used in an emergency to document, record, and relay important information. Any camera could be used for some of these things, but the phone camera carries a distinct advantage. It can immediately transmit your pictures. If you …

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A Prepping Essential: The Grab-n-Go Binder

In panic situations, which happen around my house quite often, actually, people lose their wits. The extra adrenaline produced by the human body during times of intense stress, causes confusion and can even cause some of the same symptoms as a heart attack. Can you imagine the level of adrenaline in your body if you suddenly got news of a dangerous chemical spill in your area or that a wildfire had taken an abrupt turn toward your neighborhood?  Officials tell …

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Rice and Beans With a Bam!

I have discovered a recipe that takes simple black beans and rice so far beyond boring that you might actually look forward to the day when it’s all you have left in the pantry!

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