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Food Safe Plastics by the Number

Here’s a page to print out and keep in your Survival Mom reference binder.  Which types of plastic containers are safe for food storage and which aren’t?  It’s a common question, and rather than answer individual questions, I tracked down a summary of information that will help you determine which types of containers to use for storage purposes and which to avoid. Types Of Plastic In the United States, the following codes represent the seven categories of plastic used in …

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Oats, the Queen of Breakfasts

My kids aren’t too picky about what they eat for breakfast.  Just this morning my 9-year-old son was eating a package of saimin soup, dry.  Yeah, it’s not my cup of tea, either.  Daughter ate a bowl of Cheerios, with plenty of sugar added, and will be content with that for at least ten-fifteen minutes or so.  Usually, breakfast is the easiest meal for stocking up, but I’d like to suggest, for food storage, you consider meals that are hearty, …

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13 Ways to Prepare for Hyperinflation

A mom could get whiplash trying to keep track of the widely differing opinions of financial experts.  Many claim that America is headed toward deflation, others claim a deflationary depression is on its’ way, and yet many voices are crying, “Get ready for hyperinflation!”  Hyperinflation is particularly dangerous for families because the prices of necessary goods (think fuel, energy, and food) will skyrocket, leaving little money, if any, for anything else. Most experts go into great detail explaining why hyperinflation …

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