Build Your Own DIY Fire Kit

When you get right down to it, survival essentially means maintaining a safe core temperature for your body. Everything we do is geared toward that end goal. We eat food to provide calories to keep our bodies running. We hydrate so we don’t get overheated. We seek shelter from the elements so we don’t get too warm or too cold. The ability to reliably start a fire is a critical survival skill. The job is made much easier if you …

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DIY Fire Starters with Built In Ignition

I have to be up front and say this isn’t something I came up with myself. I learned it from my good friend John McCann over at SurvivalResources. This is a very simple DIY project that produces a fire starters that have their own ignition source as well as accelerant. Plus, the finished product is completely waterproof until you’re ready to use it. For this project, you will need: –Strike anywhere matches –Toilet paper –Melted wax –Pliers or tongs –Wax …

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