Leftover Turkey Recipes That Don’t Suck

Nothing says “holiday meal” quite like turkey, but turkey is great at any time of the year. It’s just not quite as ubiquitous. That leaves two questions for a survival mom:  Where can I find some great leftover turkey recipes?!? And how can I add turkey to my long-term storage? Help has arrived! Here are some great ideas for ways to use leftover turkey that go beyond a simple sandwich, and freeze-dried turkey and turkey-jerky both make great additions to …

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20 Crock Pot Tips for the Winter

There is nothing better than ending a cool winter day than with a bowl of something cooked in a crock pot. In our home, we adore our crock pots, all four of them. There is always one on the counter top ready to go. The soups and stews are always a big hit, and a really good crock pot recipe book is worth its weight in gold. Lately, we have been branching out and using our crock pot for more …

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Try it Today: No-Recipe Soup

If you need a recipe before you can make a pot of soup, this article is for you! No-Recipe Soup is so easy to make that sometimes I wonder why soup recipes are needed at all. To be fair, there are varieties of soup and variations of soup that call for specific ingredients in specific quantities, but if you want a big ole pot of hot soup, especially on a chilly evening, there’s truly no need to Google “soup recipes”! You …

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Parboiled Rice: The Rice You’ve Never Heard Of

In our family, rice, not potatoes, is King of the Starches. This is because my husband grew up in places like Hawaii, Guam, and the Marshall Islands, eating rice every day of his life. When I started stocking up on various foods, I knew that rice would be a big part of my starches. Potatoes, not so much. Rice is just as versatile as potatoes and has the added advantage of coming in numerous varieties, each with their own particular …

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