Last-Chance Apocalypse Shopping: Hobby Lobby

Everything is falling apart. Costco and the grocery stores are gridlocked. Gas station lines are down the block. Where can you go shopping without getting stuck in crazy lines? Hobby Lobby! Seriously. If that’s the only nearby store not already flooded by zombies, you have no choice! It may seem like the seasonal section can’t possibly have anything useful for the apocalypse, but that’s not so. While no one will need a Thanksgiving Scarecrow in the apocalypse, a pile of …

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How to Make Basic Soap

If you have some extra time on your hands today, try this project. Make basic soap. Making your own soap is not only fun, it also gives you complete control over what goes on your body. Instead of using harsh detergent soaps, nurture your skin’s unique elements by carefully selecting and blending oils, herbs, and essential oils. I also take a little pleasure in knowing I am not supporting a multi-billion dollar industry that makes money by telling their customers …

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