situational awareness

image: woman with curly hair with pointer finger to her lips shushing about stealth prepping and prepping under the radar

Stealth Prepping: Preparing for the Worst without Raising Suspicion

Guerrilla prepping is all about learning survival skills and becoming fully prepped, all while staying under the radar. Unless you like the idea of being an obvious prepper and possible target, start thinking about how you might incorporate this concept into your own life and prepping. To help you get started, everything on this list doubles as a “fad” AND an important survival skill, but not one eyebrow will be raised when you sign up for a class, buy necessary supplies, or start checking out related books at the library.

image: police in riot gear; civil unrest safety

15 Tips for Staying Safe During Times of Civil Unrest

Often, gatherings of angry people can erupt into violence completely out of the blue, but usually, there are plenty of warning signs before a group reaches that point. The problem is, that you never know what the final trigger will be. These 15 tips will help you stay safe, especially if you happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Civil unrest safety strategies are simple to learn and implement when necessary.