DIY Spice Mixes

I felt intimidated at the thought of making my own DIY spice mixes at first. The little packets you can buy at the store made it so easy, and they made my dinners taste good. Then, there was the night I was making fajitas and realized I did not have a fajita seasoning packet in my pantry. I didn’t even have a taco seasoning packet (it must have been at the end of the month before my major trip to the …

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Sea Salt – An Indispensable Commodity for Uncertain Times

When we think about setting aside emergency supplies, most of us would agree that preserved food and purified water are the essentials and everything else is secondary to these. Some might even choose to incorporate things like a manual grain mill, a water purifier, a food dehydrator, a solar cook stove and so on. But who would ever consider something as simple and humble as salt as an indispensable necessity and commodity in the tumultuous days ahead? I would even …

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Top 10 Foods for Stocking Up

To get started with the basic building blocks of food storage, these are the top 10 foods I recommend. If these aren’t a good fit for your family, for whatever reason, stock up on the alternatives that you’re currently using. Be very aware of the enemies of food storage and always try to store your food in the most optimal conditions possible. Wheat  Once ground, wheat is the building block for varieties of bread, tortillas, flat bread, pizza crust and …

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A Famine Menu — A Bare-Bones Food Storage Plan

  I found this “famine menu” on a political forum, of all things, several years ago. There was no link to an original post nor was any author listed. I liked the plan and wanted to share it because too many Americans see the need to prepare but can’t. The paycheck, if there is one, doesn’t come anywhere near to meeting the necessities. On this one-year famine menu food storage plan you’ll find very basic foods that are available anywhere. …

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