Leftover Turkey Recipes That Don’t Suck

Nothing says “holiday meal” quite like turkey, but turkey is great at any time of the year. It’s just not quite as ubiquitous. That leaves two questions for a survival mom:  Where can I find some great leftover turkey recipes?!? And how can I add turkey to my long-term storage? Help has arrived! Here are some great ideas for ways to use leftover turkey that go beyond a simple sandwich, and freeze-dried turkey and turkey-jerky both make great additions to …

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The Top 10 Foods to NOT Store!

Based on my own personal experiences and mistakes, I do not recommend storing these foods in large quantities, long-term. Let me know what you think of my list and what other foods you would add. Foods to not store, long-term 1.  Any canned vegetable or fruit that you do not like This may seem obvious, but I assure you, there are thousands of preppers across the country who have shelves and shelves of canned who-knows-what and #10 cans of why-did-I-buy-that! …

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