how to shelter in place, how to self quarantine

How to Shelter in Place Without Going Crazy

There’s nothing like the word “pandemic” or “Ebola” to get people to finally pay attention to preparedness. When you have a well stocked pantry with enough food to last at least a couple of months, stored water and an effective way to purify tap water, if need be, plenty of cleaning and sanitation supplies, and the knowledge and skills to use them, you are likely not panicking at all. If anything, you’re looking around to see if there’s anything you …

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home organization

18 Brilliant Home Organization Tips

Yes, it sounds like the title of a National Geographic documentary, delving into the plight of some animal near extinction. Is your dream of home organization near extinction? I understand. There are days you may want to be on the endangered list, hoping that someone will save you. Not only is an orderly home important for your peace of mind, but it’s also a vital component to being prepared for all types of emergencies. Many years ago our family went from …

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