Learn the Art of Herbalism Your Own Way

Are you thinking about learning herbalism as a readiness skill to better help yourself and loved ones during an emergency? Let me be the first to tell you that getting a solid herbal education can be tough, but it’s incredibly rewarding. There’s a lot of information to cover, and many different approaches to teaching and practicing herbalism. There are also many different ways to learn herbalism: you can enroll in a local herb school, take online classes, or gather resources …

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Herbs for Seasonal Allergies

One of the most uncomfortable day to day health challenges has to be suffering through a round of hay fever every year. Many people rely either on prescriptions or a handful of capsules from the health food store to stay comfortable during allergy season, but herbs for seasonal allergies can be a simple alternative, and surprisingly, many of them are readily available as common weeds. Because of their weedy, grow-almost-anywhere nature, these plants make a great allergy back up plan …

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8 Things I Learned From a Bad Case of Poison Ivy

Earlier this summer, my kids developed poison ivy. Upon investigation, we found a healthy patch of the stuff in the back corner of the yard, right next to the swing-set. As my husband is highly allergic to poison ivy, it was my job to pull up and discard the patch before the kids got into it again. Precautions were taken by wearing long pants and gloves. Afterwards, my clothing was immediately removed and washed. During my shower, I scrubbed down …

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uses for witch hazel

15 Healthy & Frugal Uses for Witch Hazel

You know how almost everyone has that one thing they swear by? Sometimes it’s a remedy, or a recipe, or an herb. My great-grandmother used to have a bottle of witch hazel in the medicine cabinet of her tiny mobile home bathroom. Myself, I tend to swear by lavender and rose essential oils for most of my aches and pains. If you have those two things, you will basically live forever. (Kidding.) However, I may now have to expand my list to three sacred …

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Headache prevention: A basic tutorial

In a survival situation, you can bet that you’ll be dealing with a lot of headaches, both metaphorical and physical.  If you ever had to deal with a severe headache, you know how it can affect your work efficiency. In hard times, you’ll have to be at 110% efficiency just performing the activities of daily survival and headache prevention is important to consider. Headaches, and especially migraines, can be debilitating. There are many different types of headaches, and knowing what …

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