Last-Chance Apocalypse Shopping: Tractor Supply Company

Is it possible that one store could have everything you might need in a last-ditch effort to get prepped? This article is the second in a series that tackles prepper/survival shopping at oddball stores you might overlook in a panic to get prepped, and Tractor Supply Company is certainly a top candidate for that last-chance apocalypse shopping spree. Located in 49 states, Tractor Supply Company stores are a great option to find a huge variety of supplies and gear for …

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9 Tips to Avoid the Summertime Prepping Slump

It’s so easy for the hot, lazy days of summer to just sort of run into each other in a haze of heat and laziness. When my kids are out of school and there is no routine I tend to get lazy myself. Then the day arrives when it’s time once again to get the kids ready for school, and we ask, where did the summer go? If your prepping goals have taken a break right along with your pledge …

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End-of-Year Prepper Evaluation

What I love about the week after Christmas, besides the leftovers, is the “Year in Review” programs. There are always a few on television that go over the good and bad that happened in our country. As the show is on, my husband and I often say to each other, “Oh, remember when that happened?” or “Wow, I forgot about that”. Well, the same is true when it comes to evaluating the year as preppers. It’s worth taking some time …

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10 Prepper Actions You Must Do After A Big Move

Our family was not planning on moving so far away from California. The West Coast had been our home for almost 3 decades. It did not take long before we found ourselves in the deep south of Georgia at the end of our cross-country journey. Good bye salty air, hello bugs! As we were adjusting to the new culture, unpacking, and getting settled in our home, my thinking was still in California mode. With earthquakes in mind, pictures and shelves …

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9 Ways to Train Your Brain to Respond in a Crisis

When I first began researching survival and preparedness, I can’t tell you how many hours were spent in shock and panic.  I read about the “golden hordes” who would soon, very soon, descend upon my suburban home shooting, stealing, and raping, although not in that particular order. According to some survivalists, we’re approaching a tipping point at which our world will begin to run out of oil, and we’ll be thankful to have two rocks to rub together to create …

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Get Family & Friends On Board With Prepping

Whether you are forming a small neighborhood group, a disaster preparedness club, or a prepper group there are 9 steps which will help you get started and begin the path for the success of your group. You’ll want to start with a comprehensive, but family-friendly survival manual such as this one. When you’re just starting to put a plan together, first define in what geographical area you want to organize your group. It could be a housing development, an apartment …

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define your disaster

Define Your Disaster

Until I seriously became a prepper, the most likely disasters in my life involved my nail tech quitting or my husband insisting on a homemade dinner! How times have changed. Now when I think of disasters, I’m thinking more along the lines of The End of Days scenarios with an unsettling feeling they could happen now, in my lifetime. For which disaster, or disasters, should I prepare? These days of hard, uncertain times it’s a little like playing the odds. Hmmmmm, should …

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prepper limitations

What Are Your Prepper Limitations?

Many years ago I was in an entirely different career in which I managed and trained more than 200 sales reps for a national company. As part of my position, I attended some truly excellent executive training sessions, intended to help me become more efficient and effective. One principle I learned that I’ve never forgotten is this: Identify your weaknesses and hire people to do those tasks for you. Concentrate doing what you do best. Well, I’ve finally figured out …

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food storage calories

Will Your Food Storage Lead to Starvation? Calories Count!

Food storage is a key component to your family’s preparedness plan. There are many decisions that need to be made. Which foods are best for storage? Which will my family prefer? How do I store it properly? Dehydrated Foods? Freeze Dried Foods? Every Day Pantry Foods? MREs? Buckets? Cans? Gamma Lids? UReal Meat or TVP? GMO Free? Gluten Free? I could go on and on. Ultimately, there is no RIGHT answer. Every family’s needs are different as far as what …

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tetanus shot

Should You Consider a Tetanus Shot as Part of Your SHTF Preparedness?

Have you ever thought of certain vaccines as a way to prepare for an uncertain future? One reader asked if a tetanus shot might be a good choice for such a scenario. I asked Dr. Joe Alton, known to many as Dr. Bones, and here is some information he provided, originally posted on his website Most of us have dutifully gone to get a Tetanus shot when we stepped on a rusty nail, but few have any real concept …

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