make pectin from apple peel

Survival Mom DIY: Make Pectin From Apple Peels

If you make a lot of jam at your house, you probably go through a lot of pectin, whether it come as a powder in a little box or in a mylar pouch as a liquid. But do you know what pectin is or where it comes from? I confess I never thought about it much until one day when I was at the grocery store in the act of purchasing about ten boxes of the stuff. The cashier made …

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How to Make Freezer Jam

While tasty, jam is somewhat shrouded in mystery. Factories take fruit and do things to it and then sell it to you in a jar. And actually making jam? Surely that’s for a certain class of people: stay-at-h0me moms who have designer homes and cute blogs about little girls’ hairstyles! And women who cook with things like caramelized fennel. But in all seriousness, homemade jam is where it’s at. If you want to cut out just one store-bought thing from your grocery list …

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