30 Things to do With Peaches

Our kitchen counter is loaded with fresh peaches, and I’ve been searching for the best things to do with peaches. I’m going to be needing a lot of recipes! Jams, jellies, desserts, and even a few savory dishes — peaches go with just about everything. My kids love peaches and a few weeks ago, my daughter created for me an incredible protein shake full of the fresh smell of a ripe peach. This is one versatile fruit that everyone loves. …

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canning peaches and nectarines

How to Can Peaches and Nectarines

I’ve canned a lot of things this year that I had never tried before, cherry preserves and salsa, for starters. But sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics and can a simple batch of no-frills, just-plain, regular fruit. For me, that means peaches. I love canning peaches. I was very pleased and fortunate to have received in the mail a box of peaches and nectarines, in hopes that I would wax erudite about the satisfaction one can get from …

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freeze dried fruit

Freeze-Dried Fruit: A Tutorial

Freeze-dried (FD) fruit makes an excellent addition to your everyday pantry, particularly when you need to pack school lunches, work lunches, or need a quick, delicious snack.  It can be used to make quick, simple breakfasts, fun and interesting lunches, and even great for emergency kit snacks. Freeze-Dried Fruit Advantages Before  I get too excited in singing the praises of freeze-dried fruit of all descriptions, I will speak to some doubts I’ve heard about it over the years. A lot of people …

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14 Scrumptious Southern Dishes For Food Storage Meals and Beyond

Whenever I purchase food for my long-term storage pantry, I nearly always buy individual ingredients because I know that I can use them in family favorites as well as any other yummy looking recipe I encounter. Again and again I’ve recommended storing ingredients over just-add-hot-water meals (although those can come in handy). As well, some processed foods may have long shelf-lives but many homes are turning away from those foods to a diet that is healthier. Emergency Essentials, one of …

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Dehydrating food is the simplest way to preserve it. Here are some very easy and basic foods to start with. | via

Simple Secrets of Food Dehydration

Buying canned goods and extra bags of flour and sugar has been the easiest part of food storage for me.  Dehydrating my own food seemed to belong in the same category as spinning my own wool.  Yes, it can be done, but why would I want to go through all the trouble??! I found out for myself that dehydrating food is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to stock up.  Now, if I say it’s easy, you know.  …

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