13 Food Storage New Year’s Resolutions

This new year, most people are setting goals for health, fitness, money, or organization. However, you may not have thought of adding a resolution about your food storage. Here is a list of 13 Food Storage New Year’s resolutions to help you improve and refine your food storage pantry and practices. Storing food, say a month or two’s worth, is no longer the habit of a fringe group of Doomers. Everyday moms like me have an extra stash of food …

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Top 10 Food Storage Myths & What To Do Instead

The internet is full of websites that give information on survival topics, including food storage. There are dozens and dozens of books that will teach you “the right way” to store food and YouTube videos galore. Most contain valid, trustworthy information, but mixed in with that are a number of food storage myths that many people accept without question. Here are 10 that I take issue with, and I explain why. Myth #1:  You should stock up on lots of …

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How to Use the LDS Food Storage Calculator

If you haven’t discovered the online LDS Food Storage Calculator, you might want to check it out here.  Plug in the number of people in your family, and you’ll find out how much dried milk, oats, brown sugar, and other staples you’ll need for a one year supply. When you add your family’s data, you end up with some pretty serious numbers. Let’s be honest.  You’re probably thinking, “What the heck am I going to do with 600 pounds of …

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stock up on tomatoes

Tomatoes: The Overlooked Survival Food

On my list of the Top 10 Foods for Stocking Up, I impulsively added tomatoes as #6.  During the past few days I’ve been keeping an eye on the foods we most often eat, and sure enough, tomatoes are a big part of our diet.  Sunday we dined on tacos and tostadas, both topped with salsa.  The next night we gorged on take-out pizza with a delicious tomato sauce flavored with red wine.  Ketchup is the life blood of my …

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how much food to store

How to Calculate How Much Food to Store

When I first began setting up my family’s food storage pantry, I was in a bit of a panic. It was late 2008, the economy was beginning to wave red warning flags, and all I wanted was to keep my family safe and surviving. I never stopped to figure out how much food to store. So, into the shopping cart went multiple cans of ravioli, boxes of granola bars, juice boxes, and Honey Nut Cheerios. I had no idea of …

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Freeze-Dried Chicken: A Tutorial

Of all the freeze-dried meats on the market, chicken is the one I use the most. It’s such a part of my everyday cooking that I was a bit surprised to hear someone say just this week that they weren’t entirely sure how to cook with it. Well, let me tell you. How many recipes are there in the world that call for “one chicken breast, cooked and chopped?” Usually when I see something like that, I immediately think of …

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food storage cans

What’s for dinner? It’s in the can

Want to know when I am most often thankful to have food storage? It’s on those nights when I have trouble figuring out what to have for dinner! Being a Survival Mom doesn’t mean just being prepared for the big emergencies, but for the every day ones – like having four hungry children to feed. More often than not, I have a main dish planned, but I need a side dish or two to go with it. For my kids …

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freeze dried cheese

Freeze-Dried Cheese: A Tutorial

Cheese is one of those staples that many of us have difficulty doing without. It’s used as a key ingredient in lots of things, from cheese and crackers to tacos and casseroles. Unfortunately, the kind of cheese we tend to buy from the grocery store in shrink-wrapped blocks is not made for long-term storage, which is a major problem for those of us who like to plan far ahead. Some recommend taking your cheddar out of the plastic wrapping to …

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freeze dried yogurt

Freeze-Dried Yogurt: A Tutorial

I asked a few of my friends what they thought of when they heard the words, “freeze-fried yogurt.” One said, “Outer-spacey astronaut food.” The other said, “Those Gerber things for babies.” It may sound spacey and weird, but don’t underestimate the power of freeze-dried yogurt bites. They are delicious, handy, and great for bribing children to do their chores. Would it be too much to believe if I told you freeze-dried yogurt was good for you, too? A word about …

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Stocking Up on dried milk

Stocking Up on Dried Milk: A Tutorial

Many dehydrated and freeze-dried foods are easy to add to our food storage pantries because we know what to expect when we buy them. There’s no big surprise when you open a can of dehydrated onions or freeze-dried strawberries. However, when it comes to dried milk, there are lots of confusing options. Which are best for drinking? Baking? What about the so-called “milk alternatives”? Having dry milk on hand is extremely handy whenever I run low on regular milk. Back …

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