Diatomaceous Earth for Controlling Pests

What is diatomaceous earth? (DE) A multitude of Americans is becoming more and more aware of the chemicals and other potentially dangerous ingredients in the food we eat, in our household cleaners and in the products we use to maintain our gardens and control pests. We’re trying to eliminate these products from our lives with more natural, less toxic products. That’s where diatomaceous earth (DE) comes in. It’s non-toxic and all-natural, made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, an ancient …

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Simple & Soothing Herbal Remedies for Sunburns

Sunburn happens. If you have very fair skin, it can happen year round, but for most people, sunburn is an annual summertime event, despite their best intentions to avoid it! Avoiding sunburn by using sunscreen, covering up with long sleeves and a hat, and staying out of the sun during the sunniest of the day is always the best policy. But sometimes sunburn happens anyway, whether we forgot the sunscreen or it wore off, or we didn’t think we’d be …

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Learn the Art of Herbalism Your Own Way

Are you thinking about learning herbalism as a readiness skill to better help yourself and loved ones during an emergency? Let me be the first to tell you that getting a solid herbal education can be tough, but it’s incredibly rewarding. There’s a lot of information to cover, and many different approaches to teaching and practicing herbalism. There are also many different ways to learn herbalism: you can enroll in a local herb school, take online classes, or gather resources …

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uses for witch hazel

15 Healthy & Frugal Uses for Witch Hazel

You know how almost everyone has that one thing they swear by? Sometimes it’s a remedy, or a recipe, or an herb. My great-grandmother used to have a bottle of witch hazel in the medicine cabinet of her tiny mobile home bathroom. Myself, I tend to swear by lavender and rose essential oils for most of my aches and pains. If you have those two things, you will basically live forever. (Kidding.) However, I may now have to expand my list to three sacred …

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6 Surprising Preparedness Uses for Sage

Sage – the culinary seasoning that makes its way into so many holiday recipes – should also make its way into your herbal preps kit. Here’s some of the best preparedness uses for sage. Although it is usually only valued as an ingredient in savory dishes nowadays,  sage (salvia officinalis) has been valued for health and healing for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks as well as Chinese used varieties of sage for an astounding number of health problems. Common …

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creative hay fever remedies

5 Creative Hay Fever Remedies

My seasonal allergies have been killing me! As I told my friends, I’ve blown my nose so often this past month that I feel like I’m going to blow out my brains! It’s horticultural homicide! My younger son has them as well, just far milder symptoms. At this point, I am willing to try just about anything, and I really would prefer some herbal hay fever remedies. There are more possibilities out there, but these are the ones I have tried. …

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Survival dental health. Supplies and skills for dental emergencies.

Your SHTF Dental Plan: Supplies to stock up on, skills to learn

I didn’t get my first cavity until I was 27 years old. Honest. My teeth were in absolute perfect condition for almost 3 decades. I didn’t even need to wear braces. Survival dental health wasn’t even on my radar. So, I took dental health for granted. I forgot to floss, at times drank too much soda, and sure enough, moving into my 30’s, cavities began popping up here and there and my dentist warned me about tooth decay and gum …

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8 Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Away

It is that time of the year, when those pesky mosquitoes come out. In their bloodthirsty quest, few are harmless or even useful to humanity.  There are over 3,500 species of mosquitoes all around the world, from the tropics to the arctic, but they must be able to get to water to lay their eggs. Many are carriers of extremely harmful human and livestock diseases, such as malaria and yellow fever. Only female mosquitoes bite, and suck blood, injecting their …

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