36 Lessons Learned From Testing a 72-Hour Kit

Over the last two months, on two separate occasions, I had the opportunity to test my 72-hour kit.  Yes, these tests were intentional. Testing a 72 Hour Kit…Why? My background is one of preparedness.  In the military, we made casualty response plans, then tested those plans.  We called them “drills.”  Now, in my post-military life, I’m CERT-trained, and FEMA IS-22 certified and both deal extensively with emergency response and preparation. I’ve noticed many web sites that promote preparedness do not …

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Top Survival Gear From The Pros

Have you ever wondered what survival gear the pros have and recommend? I have put together a list of items from some of the top survival pros. Their recommendations are a great place start if you are new to prepping. If you have been long time prepper, check if you have these items as part of your survival gear. Many of these may be “new and improved” compared to what you currently have stored. Jim Cobb Author and Disaster Readiness …

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20 Prepper Gifts under $20

20 Quality Prepper Gifts Under $20

Most preppers have so many things on their wishlist that it may seem like only those with a lot of spare money can manage it. Starting out, most of us have purchased cheaply made items, not realizing just how low-quality they really were. Imagine being in a severe emergency only to find that the gear in your bug out bag either breaks the first time you use it. That’s a nightmare scenario, for sure. You don’t have to be a victim …

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Small Space prepper

Small Space Prepper Must-Haves

Many of us either live in a small space, or have run out of room in a larger space. These small space prepper must haves each help you fit more into the space you have and improve your preparedness. While none of these will break the bank, they were chosen for quality, not based on which one was cheapest. Cost was, of course, considered, but it was tertiary after quality and size. Any of these should last, and last, and last. …

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The Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife is handy and recommended by The Survival Mom. |

Review: Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife

Ka-Bar’s LDK or “Last Ditch Knife” is a valuable tool for anyone wanting a small, handy blade as part of their everyday carry. The LDK isn’t much larger than a credit card. But, unlike most of those gimmicky credit card knives that seem to be all the rage, this is a very good quality knife, albeit in a small package. Crafted from a single piece of 9cr18 stainless steel, it arrives razor sharp and with a wicked point. Personally, while I …

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How to Baton Firewood

Mother Nature often doesn’t like to play nice. While we’d hope that if we had to spend the night in the woods, it would be nothing but clear skies and perhaps just a bit cool, the reality is you are just as likely to be sitting in the middle of a steady rain with not a dry twig in sight for the evening fire. But, as they say, where there’s a will there’s a way. If you have a sturdy …

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Wilderness Survival Gear

7 Pieces of Essential Wilderness Survival Gear

Time and again, we see news stories involving people who became lost in the woods during a routine hike or camping trip. It happens all the time and, unfortunately, sometimes these stories have a very tragic ending. What often happens is the person walked away from the campsite to collect firewood or something, got turned around, and couldn’t find their way back. That’s very easy to do if you’re not intimately familiar with the area. In most news stories I’ve …

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