Diatomaceous Earth for Controlling Pests

What is diatomaceous earth? (DE) A multitude of Americans is becoming more and more aware of the chemicals and other potentially dangerous ingredients in the food we eat, in our household cleaners and in the products we use to maintain our gardens and control pests. We’re trying to eliminate these products from our lives with more natural, less toxic products. That’s where diatomaceous earth (DE) comes in. It’s non-toxic and all-natural, made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, an ancient …

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bug bite remedies

Survive Summer With These Clever Bug Bite Remedies

When friends warned me about the South and bugs, I really thought they were exaggerating. Unfortunately, they weren’t. Once summer began, there were bugs everywhere. I mean everywhere! And these were not just normal California bugs like I was familiar with. Bugs of every shape, color, and size decided to make their appearance, and it wasn’t long before I was scrambling to learn the best bug bite remedies that wouldn’t have harsh side effects. At first, it was fun to …

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Food storage, which foods to not store, food storage tips

The Top 10 Foods to NOT Store!

Based on my own personal experiences and mistakes, I do not recommend storing these foods in large quantities, long-term. Let me know what you think of my list and what other foods you would add. Foods to not store, long-term 1.  Any canned vegetable or fruit that you do not like This may seem obvious, but I assure you, there are thousands of preppers across the country who have shelves and shelves of canned who-knows-what and #10 cans of why-did-I-buy-that! …

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The 6 Enemies of Food Storage

Stocking up on food gets expensive, and every frugal bone in my body shudders at the thought of anything going to waste. I try to store everything in the best possible conditions and watch out for these six enemies. Depending on your storage conditions all, some, or none of these may be a concern. Watch out for these 6 enemies of food storage 1. Heat  The longest possible shelf life is attained when food is stored somewhere between 40 degrees and …

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