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10 Myths About ‘Preppers’

Use the term “prepper” and most people’s minds will think about the “Doomsday Preppers” show on the National Geographic channel. They glance at you with a wary eye or an outright laugh and call you an extremist, or they may suddenly have an appointment they need to get to. There are extremists in every group no matter what the subject and the truth in just about all of the possibilities is that most people fall in the middle somewhere. Thanks …

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VIDEO: How to be a prepper

From where I sit it’s kind of hard to tell what the general public thinks of preppers. All of the preppers I know are smart, kind, and completely sane, but I have to admit that Doomsday Preppers does a pretty good job of making us look crazy. Just in case you’ve been thinking that maybe preppers aren’t the crazy ones, I made this video based on a webinar class I used to teach, “How to be a prepper.” Main points: …

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How Basic Can You Get? List #5

Here are ten more tips to help a newbie learn how basic can you get. If you’ve made it this far, you’re doing a great job of getting started! It can also help a seasoned Survival Mom stay on track! 1.  Start looking for both tarps and rope. As long as they aren’t worn out or frayed, they will be useful for making shelters, wind breaks, and even for water collection. They can provide a quick patch to a roof, …

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How Basic Can You Get? List #4

Here’s another list of simple, basic steps for getting started as a Survival Mom or prepper. How basic can you get? 1. Find a source of inexpensive spices, herbs, and seasonings and begin stocking up on those you use most. 2. Buy a Food Saver vacuum sealer. You’ll find these on Craigslist and eBay, Walmart, Target, and even Cabela’s. This machine will vacuum seal the Food Saver bags as well as jars. 3. Be on the lookout for canning jars. …

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How Basic Can You Get? List #3

For beginning preppers, here are more simple ideas for getting started. This is about how basic can you get and still become more prepared, but even experienced preppers may find a few useful reminders! 1. Think outside the box for your stocking up. Shop ethnic stores for basics like varieties of rice and beans.  A grocery store in my area is advertising 5 bags of elbow macaroni for $1 and cans of shelf-stable table cream for just 79 cents! 2. Get an …

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28 Baby Steps for Any Prepper

Make an evacuation plan for your home, hold a family meeting, and conduct a drill. Learn how to use a solar oven. Take a First Aid or CPR class. Take a basic firearm class or an advanced class if you already know the basics of shooting. Choose a family hobby that is preparedness oriented. Learn how to start a fire using three different techniques and three different types of tinder. Go through your monthly expenses line by line to see …

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