Simple & Soothing Herbal Remedies for Sunburns

Sunburn happens. If you have very fair skin, it can happen year round, but for most people, sunburn is an annual summertime event, despite their best intentions to avoid it! Avoiding sunburn by using sunscreen, covering up with long sleeves and a hat, and staying out of the sun during the sunniest of the day is always the best policy. But sometimes sunburn happens anyway, whether we forgot the sunscreen or it wore off, or we didn’t think we’d be …

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Herbs for Seasonal Allergies

One of the most uncomfortable day to day health challenges has to be suffering through a round of hay fever every year. Many people rely either on prescriptions or a handful of capsules from the health food store to stay comfortable during allergy season, but herbs for seasonal allergies can be a simple alternative, and surprisingly, many of them are readily available as common weeds. Because of their weedy, grow-almost-anywhere nature, these plants make a great allergy back up plan …

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3 Types of Herbal First Aid Kits

Herbal first aid is a great skill to have in your preparedness tool kit, and although I’m going to go over some of the contents of 3 types of herbal first aid kits with you in this article, it’s important to remember that herbal first aid is also a set of skills. You need to learn the correct doses, how to prepare herbs into usable form, plus all of the regular first aid (and wilderness first aid) skills to go with …

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6 Surprising Preparedness Uses for Sage

Sage – the culinary seasoning that makes its way into so many holiday recipes – should also make its way into your herbal preps kit. Here’s some of the best preparedness uses for sage. Although it is usually only valued as an ingredient in savory dishes nowadays,  sage (salvia officinalis) has been valued for health and healing for thousands of years. The ancient Greeks as well as Chinese used varieties of sage for an astounding number of health problems. Common …

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Hawthorn is a versatile and safe herb, good for the circulatory system.

Take Heart in the Face of Adversity: Hawthorn health benefits

Hawthorn, a small, thorny shrub or tree in the rose family, is a valuable herb to have around the homestead or in the herbal supplies pantry. Hawthorn health benefits have been known for many, many years. Several different types of hawthorn can be used interchangeably, but the most common varieties of the Crataegus spp. in use are C. monogyna, C. oxycantha, and C. laevigata. Hawthorn is a very versatile herb. In addition to the fresh  berries’ use as a food source, …

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Survival of the Fittest: Herbs for Peak Fitness

There is a whole category of plants that can increase the human body’s ability to adapt and respond positively to stress. These botanicals are called adaptogens, and deserve a place in herbal preparedness plans and gardens for their ability to promote healthy immunity and help your body excel during times of mental and physical challenges. Benefits of Adaptogens Although the reality of these plants often falls far short of their fad status and the overblown advertising campaigns of companies that …

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