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7 Reasons to Buy Old Cookbooks

I keep my eye out for old cookbooks when I go to thrift stores or garage sales. They are part of the books we keep on hand for reference material and for other reasons too. And by “old,” I mean cookbooks from the early 1980s or earlier. 7 Reasons to buy old cookbooks 1. Cooking without a microwave Microwaves didn’t become household items until the mid-1970s, according to the IEEE Global History Network. If the power ever goes out for any …

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Survival Mom DIY: Making Apple Cider Vinegar At Home

I really love having fresh, raw, organic apple cider vinegar at home for all of its health benefits. If it can help me stay away from doctors offices or hospitals, I”ll take it. I want to avoid the Superbugs that live in those places. (I won’t even pick up those magazines they have sitting around, because sick people have been touching them). It’s important to get the unpasteurized, raw, organic form. Pasteurizing apple cider vinegar kills the probiotics and beneficial …

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Persimmons: An Incredible Fruit!

Each fall, my husband and I head to property in eastern Oklahoma for a mental health break. It’s incredibly beautiful out there, and the eastern side of the state where we are is green, lush, and hilly, not dry and dusty. There are two mountain ranges nearby, the Sallisaw Mountains and the Ouachitas.  It’s the land of the Choctow Indian nation, and many tribal people live there. I’m always looking for wild edibles to forage, so on this trip I …

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5 Tips for Correctly Using Hand Sanitizer (From a Nurse Who Knows)

1.  Use a large amount. More is better when using hand sanitizer. 2.  Slather the sanitizer between fingers, on front and back of hands, up to your wrists. 3.  Rub the sanitizer vigorously into your hands. 4.  Rub sanitizer under your fingernails and beneath your rings. 5.  Continue rubbing in the sanitizer until it dries. Do not wave your hands in the air to dry them. Anywhere you see a bottle of sanitizer, take advantage of it. ATM touchpads have …

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