End-of-Year Prepper Evaluation

What I love about the week after Christmas, besides the leftovers, is the “Year in Review” programs. There are always a few on television that go over the good and bad that happened in our country. As the show is on, my husband and I often say to each other, “Oh, remember when that happened?” or “Wow, I forgot about that”. Well, the same is true when it comes to evaluating the year as preppers. It’s worth taking some time …

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how to make big decisions

8 Tips For Making Big, Scary Decisions

Life is a bit interesting, isn’t it? It is exhilarating, scary, magnificent and confusing. We all trek along this journey of life with plans. Big and small, we all have plans. We have calendars, goal sheets, dream boards and apps that keep us on track. This works great if you know what you are doing. But what do you do when you’re faced with a big, scary decision? How do you decide what to do when you don’t know what …

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