The 4-H Club teaches kids important skils. Here are a few. | via

10 4-H Projects That Will Teach Your Kids Vital, Practical Skills

Have you ever considered getting your kids involved with 4-H? You don’t have to live on a farm in order to do that, you know! As you’ll see, 4-H goes hand in hand with preparedness, survival skills, and family fun. 4-H for kids is a great replacement for too much screen time, e.g. video games, computer, TV. What seems interesting to us or important in a survivalist mode may seem a lot like hard work or cruel chores for our …

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Karen Lynn - Jerusalem Artichokes - The Prepping Plant

Jerusalem Artichokes: The Prepping Plant

If you would have asked me 10 years ago what a Jerusalem Artichoke plant was, I probably could not have told you. Truthfully, if I had seen a picture of the tubers, I would have thought I wouldn’t eat them anyway. Interestingly enough, along my Homesteading and Prepper journey, I have evolved so much. Changing my food tastes and what I prefer has become a huge part of that. Flash forward 10 years and now they are one of my …

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Maximizing Garden Produce - The Survival Mom

5 Tips for Maximizing Garden Produce

If you keep a garden of any size, it can be hard to keep up with a harvest that’s coming in at various points during the growing season. It can be a bit of a juggling act to eat what’s fresh and preserve the extra for winter eating. It’s not always easy to decide either what should be eaten fresh and what should be saved. Let’s face it – it’s all tasty! No one wants to let all that homegrown (and …

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The Shoestring Budget Garden

I’m a suburban gal. I’ve never lived on a farm, I’ve never raised chickens, and I’ve never lived anywhere where a rooster woke me up daily. One day, I dream of having a little homestead, but in the last few years, my soul and my senses have been awakened and soothed by the simple act of putting my hands into the soil in my own backyard and taking a stab at gardening, and I’ve done it all by gardening on a …

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