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27 More Tips From a Master Gardener

The master gardening program is a volunteer program that teaches and trains individuals the art and science of gardening. In exchange for this inexpensive training, they promise to offer service and share their gardening knowledge with others. Several years ago I attended a class by a knowledgeable master gardener. My teacher clearly had a love for all things gardening, and helped me assess my own garden to figure out why it wasn’t the garden of my dreams. You can get …

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Last-Chance Apocalypse Shopping: Garden Centers

You could do a whole lot worse on the verge of the apocalypse than doing some last minute shopping at a local garden store. Whether it’s a mom and pop garden center or one at a Home Depot or Lowe’s, you’ll find a pretty impressive array of products that will go a long way toward helping you survive. With zombies on the loose and the world as you once knew it collapsing around you, it’s a pretty sure thing that …

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Learn From My Many Gardening Mistakes

Learn from My Many Gardening Mistakes

  Gardening is one of the top prepper skills needed for survival. Learning how to grow your own food is not something you want to do after a disaster has happened. I can speak from experience when I say there is a lot to learn and you will make a lot of gardening mistakes. It’s far better to make these mistakes now when your world is pretty stable than when you’re just trying to survive day by day following a …

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25 Different Ways to Start Seeds

No matter the time of year, you can always get seeds started for the upcoming growing season or for growing indoors, and by knowing some creative ways to start seeds, you can save money. I’ve started seeds in muffin tins, milk cartons, and tiny clay pots. There’s no need to buy any type of special starting pots if money is tight or you just want to recycle whatever happens to be around the house. When should you start these seeds? …

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Top 10 Seeds to Hoard

Have you ever thought about which plants you should focus on for long-term survival? If food supplies were to run low, what could you grow to provide a large amount of food, calories, and nutrients to help your family stay full and healthy? Just as important, though, are plants that are easy to grow. Your survival seed storage should also include produce that is high in calories. (You can read more about the importance of calories in this article.) From …

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40 Ideas for Gardening with Kids (that actually make it fun)

I’ve gardened with kids, and it can be a scary endeavor. Images of crushed plants and premature picked fruit can make one think that it may not be worth including the kids. It doesn’t have to be a nightmare. I have gardened with 5 kids and am still around to talk about it. Here are some pointers I have used, along with some brilliant advice from others. This is also a great time to take our Gardening Self-Assessment! This quick …

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How to build a practical, affordable prepper library

When I first began learning about survival topics like food storage and bug out bags, I knew I needed to begin building a library of actual books that could guide me through survival scenarios of all kinds. I began collecting books about gardening, household repair, first aid, military manuals, you name it. When possible, I bought books at yard sales and used-book library sales, saving a bundle. I also began adding free Kindle books to the mix, as many as …

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Here’s the Skinny On Saving Seeds

As summer begins rolling into autumn, it’s time to get busy saving seeds from your summer harvest and learning how to save seeds. First, remember that HEAT and MOISTURE are the enemies to seed viability after storage. In other words, just the things that make a seed germinate when planted are the same things that will kill them during storage and prevent germination later when planted. Even if the poorly stored seeds germinate, they may produce weak, spindly plants that …

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8 Reasons to Support Local Farmers

Think about all the items you put in your cart at the supermarket or mega-store. Do you feel you paid a fair price for that product? If you have questions about a particular item, would you know who you could speak to for answers? Where did those potatoes come from, how old is that carton of eggs, and who is being supported by your hard earned dollars? Probably not local farmers. Chances are, it would be difficult, if not impossible, …

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backyard farming

Backward Ideas About Backyard Farming

Starting your own backyard farm or suburban homestead can be fun and rewarding. You can have fresh eggs, fruits and vegetables that come straight from your own backyard, raise bees, and develop your own personal food oasis. If you want a backyard farm you may have put it on the back burner for a number of reasons. You may feel it’s not possible where you live or that buying all the supplies and gear necessary will break the bank. You …

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