How Do You Carry?

I ran an informal online survey about concealed carry of firearms to gather information for this article. I asked about favorite holstering positions, pros and cons for each position, how often the person carried concealed, and more. After reading the responses from almost 100 men and women I came to one very obvious conclusion. There is no general consensus on anything when it comes to carrying concealed. Everyone has (or will discover) their own “best practices” for what works for …

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Safe, Sexy, Secure Concealed Carry Women’s Holster

I own multiple holsters to use when carrying my handgun concealed: inside-the-waistband paddle holster, soft-sided hip holster, and a plastic hip holster. None of them are “bad” but I dislike all of them because they way they sit on my body. With each holster, the firearm is noticeable under my clothes. This is called “printing.” In fall and winter months when a sweater or jacket can be worn, it isn’t quite as noticeable, but summertime (or even fall in Florida) meant …

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