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Learn the Art of Herbalism Your Own Way

Are you thinking about learning herbalism as a readiness skill to better help yourself and loved ones during an emergency? Let me be the first to tell you that getting a solid herbal education can be tough, but it’s incredibly rewarding. There’s a lot of information to cover, and many different approaches to teaching and practicing herbalism. There are also many different ways to learn herbalism: you can enroll in a local herb school, take online classes, or gather resources …

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10 Fundamentals for Your Natural Medicine Kit

There may be a day when you cannot run to a grocery store or pharmacy for medical supplies. A visit to a doctor may be impossible however there are a number of time-tested remedies that may prove useful. Having certain items on hand can help prepare you for situations where medical attention is necessary. Here’s what should be in your natural medicine kit Aloe vera plant – Anyone who has had a sunburn knows how wonderful aloe vera can be …

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20 Prepper Gifts under $20

20 Quality Prepper Gifts Under $20

Most preppers have so many things on their wishlist that it may seem like only those with a lot of spare money can manage it. Starting out, most of us have purchased cheaply made items, not realizing just how low-quality they really were. Imagine being in a severe emergency only to find that the gear in your bug out bag either breaks the first time you use it. That’s a nightmare scenario, for sure. You don’t have to be a victim …

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dental survival

The Dental Survival Kit

Dental Preparedness Over the years, we have written hundreds of articles on medical preparedness for short or long-term disasters. Many now include medical kits and supplies to add to survival food storage and items for personal protection. Yet, few who are otherwise medically prepared seem to devote much time to dental health. Poor dental health can cause issues that affect the work efficiency of members of your group in survival settings. When your people are not at 100% effectiveness, your …

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A basket of essential oils for nearly every ailment

I’ve only been on the essential oils bandwagon for a few months now, but I’m a complete convert.  I tend to be a very skeptical person and when a friend told tales of the wondrous things her little bottle of lemon essential oil could do, I rolled my eyes. Not only were there too many varieties for any human to comprehend but they seemed quite expensive. Eventually, I decided to purchase just one bottle and once I began using it …

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