image: cruise ship preparedness on cruise ship anchored offshore of island

Cruise Ship Preparedness: How to Stay Safe at Sea

Early in 2013 many of us were fixated on the story of the Carnival Triumph. This massive cruise ship lost nearly all its power due to fire and for five days became a bobbing cork in the water. And how about more recently–remember the Diamond Princess Quarantine? While these incidents are rare, they do happen and if you plan on enjoying the high seas, you need to be ready with cruise ship preparedness.

image: medical supplies for pandemics on table

Get Pandemic Ready: A Simple Guide to Prepare Your Family for the Next One

A pandemic can occur anytime and without warning. It doesn’t care if the economy is good or bad, if we are in war or peacetime, or where we live. It doesn’t discriminate if we are wealthy or poor, male or female, or what color skin we have. The economy may never crash, there may never be an EMP or asteroid, and you might never face a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado, but there WILL be another pandemic. You and your family must prepare for its arrival.