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Planning an Edible Landscape

  Make the most out of your yard by creating an edible landscape. Every March, I am consumed with spring fever and can barely wait to get outdoors and turn my winter laden yard into a fairy tale garden. This year, I decided to start the long but productive process of turning my small yard into a food producing, perennial palace. Annuals are great, but by choosing perennials, I can build my edible yard little by little each year instead …

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Persimmons: An Incredible Fruit!

Each fall, my husband and I head to property in eastern Oklahoma for a mental health break. It’s incredibly beautiful out there, and the eastern side of the state where we are is green, lush, and hilly, not dry and dusty. There are two mountain ranges nearby, the Sallisaw Mountains and the Ouachitas.  It’s the land of the Choctow Indian nation, and many tribal people live there. I’m always looking for wild edibles to forage, so on this trip I …

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make your own seed vault

Survival Mom DIY: Assemble Your Own Seed Bank

When talking about preparedness, we often look to a hypothetical future: The lure of “What If …” is indeed strong  for many reasons. I think it’s useful to first take a  look back at What Already Happened… A brief history of very tough times My father grew up in farm country during the Great Depression, before Social Security, welfare or food stamps. However, they had other things, country wisdom, self-reliance, pride, and neighbors. Life was hard-scrabble enough when Grandpa Johnson was …

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how to forage

Learning the Art of Foraging

I enjoy incorporating locally foraged plants into our daily diets. It supplements, and occasionally replaces, a meal at my house. It also gives me another “tool” in my tool belt of survival skills. What piqued my interest in this subject and how did it all begin? After the bank crisis of 2007-2008, I began to think there could be a possibility that our currency wouldn’t be worth anything someday. I wanted an alternative way of providing for my family. If …

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how to forage

Learning Foraging Skills: Find edible wild plants no matter where you live

The skill and art of foraging goes back to the days of Adam and Eve when, in the garden, they had every edible plant imaginable at their disposal. I imagine they tasted everything they saw and figured out which flavors they liked and which they didn’t. Well, foraging really hasn’t changed all that much. There are nuts, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, berries, roots, and leafy plants that are all edible and nutritious. Foraging is a skill, however, that has been long …

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