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30 Inconvenient Truths About “The End of the World as We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI)

A post-apocalyptic scenario, commonly known as TEOTWAWKI (pronounced teh-oh-twakee,) stands for “The end of the world as we know it.” At its most basic level, it’s defined as a complete and utter breakdown of all existing institutions. TEOTWAWKI is a catastrophic event resulting in harsh survival conditions for a prolonged period. Here’s how to better prepare.

65 Pieces of Survival Wisdom From the Great Depression

***Updated to include podcast interview with The Survival Mom***

It was the best of times. It was the very worst of times. America’s Great Depression of the 1930s was a time of starvation and subsistence survival for many families. Yet decades later, many survivors of those years hold on to the survival lessons they learned, from hoarding pieces of aluminum foil to eating lettuce leaves with a sprinkle of sugar.