The Food Storage Companies I Recommend and Why

Over the years I’ve purchased “survival” food from a dozen or so different companies, and believe me, not all companies that sell that type of food are the same. In a couple of instances, the food was so bad that even I, a pretty damn good cook, couldn’t salvage the end result. If you’re going to invest money in freeze-dried and dehydrated food, then it’s worth the time to research and try sample-sizes of a company’s product before stocking up. …

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Fast & Healthy Meals in a Jar

Winter is a time that I usually spend organizing and cleaning stuff since I can’t spend a whole lot of time outdoors without turning into a human popsicle!  So one of my winter projects is usually to go through my root cellar and my food storage, rotate stuff, check quantities, check the seals on all of my canning jars to make sure they’re good, and make a list of the things that I need to restock. I want to share …

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Using Butter Powder

Using Butter Powder: A Tutorial

Most food storage products purchased from food storage companies are pretty much the same all across the board. Foods like wheat and freeze-fried fruit are all very similar no matter what brand you choose to buy. Other products, and dairy products in particular, are not that way so much. They vary from company to company, and since food storage companies are changing their recipes all the time, a can of something like butter powder or dried milk that you bought four …

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Survival Mom DIY: No-Recipe Casseroles!

  Casseroles. Love them or hate them, they are definitely a comfort food to many and a super-convenient main dish to others. I grew up on casseroles, from the classic Tuna Noodle Casserole to my Nana’s Shlumgum, so I’m a fan. The casserole can become the best friend to any busy mom or dad, and if you’ve been working on building a food storage pantry, you’ll fall in love with the idea of a No-Recipe Casserole. This is more of …

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freeze dried fruit

Freeze-Dried Fruit: A Tutorial

Freeze-dried (FD) fruit makes an excellent addition to your everyday pantry, particularly when you need to pack school lunches, work lunches, or need a quick, delicious snack.  It can be used to make quick, simple breakfasts, fun and interesting lunches, and even great for emergency kit snacks. Freeze-Dried Fruit Advantages Before  I get too excited in singing the praises of freeze-dried fruit of all descriptions, I will speak to some doubts I’ve heard about it over the years. A lot of people …

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14 Scrumptious Southern Dishes For Food Storage Meals and Beyond

Whenever I purchase food for my long-term storage pantry, I nearly always buy individual ingredients because I know that I can use them in family favorites as well as any other yummy looking recipe I encounter. Again and again I’ve recommended storing ingredients over just-add-hot-water meals (although those can come in handy). As well, some processed foods may have long shelf-lives but many homes are turning away from those foods to a diet that is healthier. Emergency Essentials, one of …

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