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How to Shelter in Place Without Going Crazy

There’s nothing like the word “pandemic” or “Ebola” to get people to finally pay attention to preparedness. When you have a well stocked pantry with enough food to last at least a couple of months, stored water and an effective way to purify tap water, if need be, plenty of cleaning and sanitation supplies, and the knowledge and skills to use them, you are likely not panicking at all. If anything, you’re looking around to see if there’s anything you …

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Get Pandemic Ready

When someone asks me, “What are you prepping for?” my answer is that I don’t prep for one particular event because I’m an “all hazards” prepper. But I know what the real question is. “What do you think is the most likely serious “disaster” to occur?” To that, I answer without hesitation: Pandemic. While flu is the most likely source of the next pandemic we face in the United States, concerns about the Ebola virus — its unprecedented outbreak in …

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5 Tips for Correctly Using Hand Sanitizer (From a Nurse Who Knows)

1.  Use a large amount. More is better when using hand sanitizer. 2.  Slather the sanitizer between fingers, on front and back of hands, up to your wrists. 3.  Rub the sanitizer vigorously into your hands. 4.  Rub sanitizer under your fingernails and beneath your rings. 5.  Continue rubbing in the sanitizer until it dries. Do not wave your hands in the air to dry them. Anywhere you see a bottle of sanitizer, take advantage of it. ATM touchpads have …

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