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Gear Up for Gardening Season

Over the years, I have to admit, we have spent more money on gardening than we have ever reaped in an actual harvest. We don’t try to be spendy, trust me, but starting a garden from the dirt up can get expensive and buying high-quality garden gear and tools for women is one of my priorities. The actual tools I’ve used for gardening have ended up being the least expensive because I tracked down the best quality I could afford, …

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Prepper to Prepper: Our best gardening advice

Many, many years ago, close-knit communities would spend hours together in the course of a year sharing from their own experiences what worked and what didn’t when it came to gardening and farming. Much of that old-time, best gardening advice and wisdom has been passed down to younger generations, but unfortunately, most have been lost. One really quick and easy way for you to learn more about where you are in your gardening journey and what areas you most need …

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24 Ways to Prepare for Your Spring Garden in the Dead of Winter

  It can be hard to think about gardening when it’s below freezing, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Cold weather is the perfect time for planning, and it’s also the perfect time to assess challenges you ran into last growing season, learn more about what works best in your growing zone, and come up with a plan so next season’s garden is your best ever. You can do that with my free, printable Gardening Self-Assessment, which you can …

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30 Uses for Phone Books

We all get them dropped off one (or more) times every year — big, thick phone books. But what to do with them now that we just look up phone numbers on Google or we have them stored in our cell phones? Here are some creative uses for phone books our readers came up with for phone books – actual, paper phone books. In the House Emergency toilet paper (Note: may not be the best for your pipes or septic system.) …

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