The Ultimate College Student’s Emergency Kit

My daughter packed for college very thoughtfully and methodically. She sorted through her favorite books and mementos, then she went through her clothes, sorted them, and made decisions about what to take with her to her new hometown. During the winter, it’s colder than where we live, so she packed jackets, heavy socks, and all the winter-weather clothing she owned. A college emergency kit wasn’t exactly on her list of priorities. As she did her packing, I was doing some …

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Prepper College Student

The Well-Prepped College Student

Having the kids away from home without parents is inevitable and a source of worry for all parents. For preppers, there are even more worries because your home is likely prepared for any number of disaster scenarios. If your kid is already preparedness-minded, getting them into a prepper mode for college, or just moving out, will be easy because they share your point of view. Even kids who may think you’re daft for preparing, though, can also be prepped with …

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17 Items Your College Student Needs as They Head Out For Spring Break

Every year around the country hordes of college students swarm together to celebrate Spring Break. Sometimes it’s all fun and games and everyone comes home well rested and ready for their final weeks of the semester. However, in many cases kids end up in the ER or worse. Check out these Spring Break safety tips for college students. (Check this link to find out dates of Spring Breaks around the country.) If you have a college kid who will be …

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