28 Inconvenient Truths About TEOTWAWKI

In the early days of the prepping craze, 2009-2014 or so, TEOTWAWKI was on every prepper’s mind — The End Of The World As We Know It. Wherever it originated, it struck a chord with Americans, in particular, who looked at the steep decline of their home’s value, the loss of their jobs, devastation to their hopes of retirement and any savings, and wondered if the end of the world as they knew had become a reality. A new surge …

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Last-Chance Apocalypse Shopping: Harbor Freight

NOTE: What is Last-Chance Apolcalypse Shopping all about? Imagine the S has hit the fan in a big way. You’re mostly prepped but you have one final chance to hit a store for some last minute shopping. What if that store is Walgreens, Sally Beauty, or Tractor Supply? You’ll need to think way outside the box as you shop for goods that will help see you through the apocalypse. It’s going to take some creative thinking for sure. Oh, Harbor …

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planning for shtf

When Things Go South or What to Expect When SHTF

First off, let me explain my reasons for writing this and tell you a bit about my experiences. That way you will know what I say is truth. I served for 15 years in the British Army, serving during the 1990’s in Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Kosovo and saw firsthand what happens to human nature and society when everything goes to hell. As for my reasons, I’m somewhat tired of people painting a rosy picture of what they expect might happen …

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What is junk silver?

  Do you have a coin jug at home? Perhaps it isn’t a jug, per se, but a coffee can, glass jar, or maybe even an old fashioned piggy bank? It might be holding far more money than you realize! If you spend much time surfing various survival/prepper message boards and other forums, you’ll no doubt run across the term “junk silver.” People want to know, “What is junk silver? And, should I buy it?” The term refers to coins …

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