5 Post-Emergency Herbs: The Calming Cuppa

Five Herbs for Emotional Support Post Emergency The experience of dealing with an emergency situation can leave you feeling shaken, drained, and upset. Stopping long enough to go through the familiar motions of making a cup of tea can give you a focal point to counter feelings of being scatterbrained and disorganized, but not just any tea will do. Earl grey, green tea, and other teas made with camellia sinensis (the tea most people are familiar with) could add to …

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Book Review: A Kid’s Herb Book

I’ll admit that I haven’t exactly combed through every gardening and alternative medicine book out there. Who has that kind of time? But Amazon recommended this book to me: A Kid’s Herb Book: For Children of All Ages. As a total newbie to the field, I’m very favorably impressed by it. Since an elderly gardener I know who grew up using herbal remedies in China also really likes it, I think it’s safe to say it’s good for a wide …

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This is a great introduction to using common medicinal herbs. | via

Top 5 Favorite Medicinal Herbs

 Top 5 Favorite Medicinal Herbs Whether you grow your own herbs or buy them, these are my top 5 favorite medicinal herbs to have on hand.  I am NOT a doctor!  These herbs are not substitutes for a doctor’s medical advice! They are simple herbs, usually in capsule or tea form, that can be purchased at your local grocery or health food store.  1.  Echinacea This herb is an immunity boosting supplement. Take it during cold and flu season. It should …

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