The Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife is handy and recommended by The Survival Mom. |

Review: Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife

Ka-Bar’s LDK or “Last Ditch Knife” is a valuable tool for anyone wanting a small, handy blade as part of their everyday carry. The LDK isn’t much larger than a credit card. But, unlike most of those gimmicky credit card knives that seem to be all the rage, this is a very good quality knife, albeit in a small package. Crafted from a single piece of 9cr18 stainless steel, it arrives razor sharp and with a wicked point. Personally, while I …

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Safe, Sexy, Secure Concealed Carry Women’s Holster

I own multiple holsters to use when carrying my handgun concealed: inside-the-waistband paddle holster, soft-sided hip holster, and a plastic hip holster. None of them are “bad” but I dislike all of them because they way they sit on my body. With each holster, the firearm is noticeable under my clothes. This is called “printing.” In fall and winter months when a sweater or jacket can be worn, it isn’t quite as noticeable, but summertime (or even fall in Florida) meant …

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