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Top 10 Seeds to Hoard

Have you ever thought about which plants you should focus on for long-term survival? If food supplies were to run low, what could you grow to provide a large amount of food, calories, and nutrients to help your family stay full and healthy? Just as important, though, are plants that are easy to grow. Your survival seed storage should also include produce that is high in calories. (You can read more about the importance of calories in this article.) From …

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Dehydrating food is the simplest way to preserve it. Here are some very easy and basic foods to start with. | via

Simple Secrets of Food Dehydration

Buying canned goods and extra bags of flour and sugar has been the easiest part of food storage for me.  Dehydrating my own food seemed to belong in the same category as spinning my own wool.  Yes, it can be done, but why would I want to go through all the trouble??! I found out for myself that dehydrating food is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to stock up.  Now, if I say it’s easy, you know.  …

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