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The Ultimate College Student’s Emergency Kit

My daughter packed for college very thoughtfully and methodically. She sorted through her favorite books and mementos, then she went through her clothes, sorted them, and made decisions about what to take with her to her new hometown. During the winter, it’s colder than where we live, so she packed jackets, heavy socks, and all the winter-weather clothing she owned. A college emergency kit wasn’t exactly on her list of priorities. As she did her packing, I was doing some …

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glove box must haves

9 Must-Haves for your Glove Box

If you were in a bind, would you have the most necessary equipment in your vehicle to survive? Whether you have a car, truck, or even a motorcycle, you’ll have a glove box, or something comparable. Although I highly recommend having a well-equipped vehicle emergency kit, glove box must-haves are next on the list. And, with them being within quick and easy reach, this is one storage space you want to maximize when it comes to survival. Quality gear, especially …

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