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How to Use and Store Millet

If you’re stocking up on healthy foods in your food storage pantry, millet should be included. More and more, popular food storage companies, such as Thrive Life, are offering foods that have become more popular as Americans have turned from overly processed foods to foods more nutritious and natural. In addition to things like freeze-dried kale, organic amaranth, and gluten-free flour, millet is also available. I first came across it in real life several years ago when I was browsing …

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VIDEO: How to store dry foods in canning jars

There’s a whole slew of things that I want included in my food storage pantry, but many of them don’t lend themselves well to the canning process (chocolate!), can’t be dehydrated (walnuts!), or aren’t a great candidate for the classic 5-gallon bucket (sunflower seeds!). Packing these foods in canning jars and then using a vacuum sealer, such as a Food Saver, to store them long-term is super easy. Here’s what you’ll need: A vacuum sealer. I use the Food Saver …

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