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10 Survival Uses for Zip Ties

Zip ties are handy little tools that can be used in pretty much any situation. In a way, they are kind of like duct tape in that the possible uses are infinite. Their strength and holding power are impressive, even in the smaller sizes. Originally called cable ties, the modern zip tie is made out of plastic. Original cable ties were used to, you guessed it, tie bundles of cables together. Nowadays, they are found in emergency kits, bug out …

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The Five ‘S’s of any Emergency Kit

Your 72 Hour Kit, Bug Out Bag, Get Home Bag, or whatever you want to call it might be as fully equipped as can be, but if you haven’t covered the Five S’s, it may fall short just when you need it most. Sanitation In a crisis, sanitation and general cleanliness may be the last thing on people’s minds, and that’s just what evil microbes love to hear!  Make sure every kit has hand sanitizer, a supply of toilet paper, …

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My Story: Lessons from the Nashville Flood

Beginning Saturday, May 1,  2010, Nashville and surrounding counties in Tennessee received one-fourth of our yearly rainfall in about 48 hours.  Since I now view everything through survivalist eyes, I’d like to share what I observed and the lessons that were reinforced and pass along a few tips to help you survive a flood. Lesson:  Good neighbors can help prevent loss of life during a disaster. While our emergency responders were great, they couldn’t be everywhere.  The greatest good was …

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